Mould Remediation

Dry ice blasting in mould remediation can save remediators around 60% to 80% of their time on projects, Dry ice blasting can get in to some of the hardest to reach areas were scraping and sanding can`t reach. Dry ice blasting can completely remove mould from detail work, tight spots, around nails, obstacles and even clean around electrical wires and plumbing. We even have IICRC accreditation in mould remediation.

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Case Study: Mould Remediation

Easily Remove Mould Growth Completely from Attics and Crawl Spaces without Chemicals and time Consuming Clean-Up

The Situation

The team at Adrian Environmental are experts in improving indoor environments. They are often called upon to remove mold from the attics and crawl spaces of residences. Dr. Neal Adrian is owner of Adrian Environmental and holds a Ph. D. in microbiology from the University of Oklahoma. He says that the crawl spaces in the Midwest are guaranteed to fail because they are easy sources of moisture, mold and odors. “Even in a dry crawl space without standing water, a lot of moisture collects due to the high humidity,” he said. Dr. Adrian points out that the lumber industry has changed in the last decades so homes are no longer constructed the way they used to be. For example, a 100-year old farmhouse was built with better construction techniques,materials and lumber than a newer home that is five years-old. The older homes are more resistant to mold growth because they have plaster walls, versus the drywall used in newer homes which is made from paper products. Older homes are also constructed from dense heartwood from mature trees which has a natural resistance to mold growth.Newer homes are often constructed with wood from young trees grown on tree farms; these have not yet gone through the full maturation process. This sapwood is more susceptible to mold growth. “An older home can hold up to 500 gallons of moisture without any damage or mold issues,” said Dr. Adrian. “However, newer homes can only absorb about 50 gallons of water before mold begins forming. So it is not unusual


Adrian Environmental LLC


Remove mold growth from attics and crawl spaces

Cold Jet System

Aero 40


By using dry ice cleaning instead of traditional methods, workers were able to remove mold growth in attics and crawl spaces in two-thirds of the time, and in just one pass. Superior results – all mold growth was removed.

Disinfectants and cleaning solutions can also be used. However, this method is very messy because the solution drips onto workers. In addition, the chemicals introduce odors into the home, making it unpleasant for those living there. Sanitizing chemicals also add moisture back into the wood, making it hard to later apply mold resistant sealants. Finally, if the area is not properly sanitized the mold is often still there and can later cause problems.

The  Solution

Using the  dry ice blasting cleaning solution, Dr. Adrian and his team are able to completely remove mold from attics and crawl spaces. Dry ice blasting cleaning system uses non-abrasive media in the form of recycled CO2 pellets that won’t damage surfaces. The dry ice media, blasted using pressurized air at for homes that are just five years old to see mold growth.” In crawl spaces and attics where it is damp year-round, surface mold growth often appears on the wood components. While this is a source for indoor air quality issues, if left unchecked it can also lead to wood rot and become a structural problem.

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