Footpaths & Public Areas

Footpaths & Public Areas

Dry Ice Blasting is an environmentally safe method of cleaning footpaths and high-traffic public areas. 

Dry ice blasting can completely clean a wide variety of external and internal surfaces including footpaths, paved areas, concrete, shopping centres, schools and colleges. 

Environmentally friendly and with no waste, dry ice blasting cleans surfaces quickly and thoroughly, with minimal disruption to surrounding businesses or the public. 

Dry Ice Blasting is ideal for:

  • Chewing Gum Removal - Dry ice is highly effective in removing gum from public areas without damaging concrete. Dry ice turns the gum into dust so there is minimal waste to clean up.
  • Stubborn dirt - Dry Ice cleaning can clean stubborn dirt from high traffic areas such as shop fronts, footpaths and shopping strips. 
  • Escalators - Dry Ice cleaning can effectively clean the tracks and treads of escalators.

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